11/09/19 Inner Pieces is now on Spotify, add us to your playlist!

06/09/18 New Video – Tinnitus and Hearing Loss for Musicians Part 1

11/03/18 New Video – Shadows Part II
Filmed at Three Cliffs Bay, Wales.

11/08/17 American Beauty
As some of you may know, I have very recently upped sticks for a new life in a new city. I say goodbye to Guildford and hello to Bristol! As the dust is beginning to settle, I am rediscovering my creativity and I have a new video I would like to share with you. It’s a rearrangement of the American Beauty theme ‘Any Other Name’ by Thomas Newman played on RAV Drum.

18/06/17 New Adventures

So things have been pretty busy, I have a few exciting things I’d like to share with you. Firstly, I have a new musical instrument. It’s rather beautiful. A steel tongue drum called a RAV Vast which came in the mail all the way from Russia! The sustain is phenomenal, the tone so rich, it will leave you in quiet repose. If you would like to hear it, please do come along to my last ever music meditation event in Guildford…

Well maybe not ever… But yes, I am moving to Bristol over August, so this will be my last event in Guildford for quite some time. The event will be at the Boileroom on July 2nd at 4pm. It would be lovely to see you before I go.

In other news, I have once again been working with lucid dreaming teacher Charlie Morley. He came round to record some guided meditations for his new book ‘Dreaming Through Darkness’. I composed an original piano piece for ‘Seven Days Left to Live’ and arranged a version of ‘Due Tramonti’ a piece by Ludovico Einaudi for ‘Witnessing the Lotus’. You can check out the meditations here.

And that about wraps things up. I need an ice cream, it’s too hot! I’ll see you on the other side…

10/09/16 New Album Out Now!
It’s finally here! This album has been quite a journey over the last year (and then some…) and I am really pleased to be sharing this with you all!

Once again the album is available on Bandcamp. Of course you will still be able to pick up a physical copy from me at any of our music meditation workshops and at various yoga studios and meditation groups in Surrey.

50% of the profits from this album will be donated to the Shooting Star Chase Children’s Hospice.

28/06/16 Om has arrived!
After over a year in the making, I’m finally ready to share with you. Om Mani Padme Hum!

13/05/16 New Album Update Again…..
What happened? A year has passed. Firstly, my apologies for the lack of updates, things have been busy behind the scenes… The album was nearly ready, but then I decided I didn’t like it. So I started again. I wanted to record another Om chanting track, but bigger and better than the one I did before. Over the months (year) I have invited friends to come and record their “Om’s” of all different shapes and sizes. Then I carefully sculpted all the layers to turn an “Om cacophony” into something that resembled music. At the same time, I have been filming everyone involved and have compiled a music video which is soon to be released. This has been the most time consuming project I’ve ever embarked upon but I am really pleased with the results.

I will be hosting an exclusive screening of the Om Mani Padme Hum video at Cafe Mila on May 29th. Check the events page for more details.

The album is on its way I promise!

16/05/15 New Album Update
FlutesA few days ago we sold the final copies of Inner Pieces ‘One’ and ‘Guided Meditations’. That’s nearly 200 albums and over £700 raised for charities such as Buddhist Global Relief, Shooting Star Chase Children’s Hospice, the British Red Cross and St Mungo’s. Digital downloads are still available from Bandcamp.

So what’s next? Well, we have been in the studio working on the next album which looks to be the best yet! James has stepped away from behind the mixing console to deliver some super tasteful acoustic guitar whilst I have been exploring my new custom made Native American flute, meandering over sonorous Hang tones. We expect to release the new album sometime over the Summer, so keep your eyes peeled!

 New. Year

02/01/15 Happy New Year!
It has been a very good year for Inner Pieces and this year looks set to be even better.
Particular highlights for 2014 have included; finishing the second album, collaborating with lucid dreaming teacher Charlie Morley, running music meditation workshops and totalling over £700 for charity.

So what have we got in store for this year? Well towards the end of last year, two new Native American style flutes were acquired – One drone flute and another specially made to go with the Hang. (Check out the master flute makers work at Second Voice Flutes.) So a 3rd album will be on it’s way soon. Also this year we will be stepping up our game on the meditation workshops so keep an eye on our events page.

Happy new year!

31/07/14 Donation Update
I am just about to hop on a plane to Indonesia so I thought I’d do one last update before I leave…

Here’s a running total of where the money has gone:
Red Cross Gaza and Israel appeal – £80
Shooting Star Chase – £236.19
Buddhist Global Relief – £231.89
St Mungo’s – £60

That’s a total of £608.08

Right I better finish packing…

30/04/14 Peter Andre comes to visit
On Friday afternoon, Peter Andre popped into the CHASE children’s hospice to meet the kids and to join our music relaxation session. He was stalked by camera crews and mothers alike and needless to say, the hospice was manic with excitement!
Click here to make a donation to Shooting Star Chase.

Love art
15/03/14 Donation Update
Things are relatively quiet in the Inner Pieces camp at the moment but there are a couple of things coming up. Next month I will be playing at my first ever art and sound workshop. I have been invited to perform at this mindfulness based art group who meet up in South London. This will be taking place on Sunday 6th of April. If you would like to attend, more details can be found here. I shall also be playing flute at Red Hot Yoga Guildford for their full moon Ashtanga class on the 1st of May at midday.

Both albums have been selling well, so thank you. Here’s the breakdown of where the money has gone:

Shooting Star CHASE hospice – £136.19
Buddhist Global Relief – £131.89
St Mungo’s – £60

That’s a total of £328.08 so far! I feel like we need a Blue Peter totaliser!

17/02/14 This is our town Guildford
There is a nice article about us that was published online today.

06/02/14 New Album
Since the summer I have been working with a yoga teacher called Hayley Chalwin. She came to me with a selection of meditations she had written and wanted me to compose some music and record them for her. Hayley specialises in fertility yoga and her own mix of story telling and yoga for children. You can find out more information about Hayley at The new album is available to download from Bandcamp and contains guided meditations to help you relax, unwind and de-stress. As always, all profits from this album go to charity.

05/12/13 Donation Update
We have donated just under 200 quid so far! Special thanks go to New Buddha Way and Red Hot Yoga for allowing us to sell our CD’s in their respective venues.

Here’s a breakdown of where the money has gone:
St Mungo’s – £60
Shooting Star Chase – £76.19
Buddhist Global Relief – £61.89

Meanwhile, we have got some new music in the pipeline, so keep an ear out for that!

12/11/13 Lucid Dreaming and Conscious Sleeping
Yesterday, I excitedly received my copy of the “Lucid Dreaming Conscious Sleeping” CD in the mail. A CD by Charlie Morley, a lucid dreaming teacher who has compiled a handful of musicians (including myself) to create a bed of music for his guided meditations. You can hear my contributions on the track “The Tao of Dozing” which is a “20 minute mindfulness meditation track designed to be used during the daytime as a way to refresh and relax the listener from within the drowsy hypnagogic state.” The CD also includes music from Fybe:One and Agami Sounds.

You can purchase the CD from Amazon by clicking here

07/11/13 St Mungo’s
Winter is approaching and the temperature is starting to drop. It comes as a gentle reminder of how lucky I am to have a roof over my head and a working central heating system to keep me warm. We have decided to donate all the profits we receive this quarter to St Mungo’s, a charity who work tirelessly to help people who are sleeping rough up and down the country. Check out St Mungo’s to see what they do.
We will be making the donation in the next couple of weeks, so if you want to get involved you can either donate directly to St Mungo’s or by purchasing our music from here.

26/09/13 Donation Update
The first batch of 50 CD’s are all gone! So thank you very much. I will be spending tomorrow at the library cutting and sticking more CD covers ready for the next batch!

After much contemplation, we have decided to send the money from this first batch to Buddhist Global Relief and Shooting Star Chase which is a children’s hospice. Please visit their websites to see what great work they do.

We are keeping a little money aside for now while we look to work with another organisation to send acoustic guitars to Africa. This is proving to be a logistical nightmare at the moment but we will keep you posted.

Here’s a break down of donations so far:
Buddhist Global Relief – £61.89
Shooting Star Chase – £46.19

If you want to get involved you can purchase our music from Bandcamp.

31/08/13 Animation
The CD’s have been selling well and I was able to brake even in just three days! So thanks everyone. The profit currently stands at £56. Over the next couple of months I shall be doing more research into the Uganda project. In the meantime, here is an animation I have just completed. Enjoy.

20/07/13 Om Shanti

‘Om Shanti’ was inspired by my trip to Thailand where I meditated and chanted with a group in the jungle.
When I returned home, I assembled a group of friends, many of them singers, many of them not and one by one I recorded them chanting the simple “Om”. Slowly but surely a beautiful sound began to emerge. Next I asked a number of “Ohmers” to improvise freely. Add some tibetan singing bowls and it was complete.