Scoliosis and Psychology Part 2 (Respiratory Failure)  – 10/10/2020
So a few years have passed since I wrote that first Scoliosis and Psychology blog, and quite a lot has changed. Last year I was diagnosed with Type 2 Respiratory Failure which is a reasonably common outcome later in life for those of us… Read more

Tinnitus Week 2019  – 21/04/2019
To coincide with Tinnitus Week 2019, the Audiology Department at the Royal Surrey County Hospital hosted a seminar on Tinnitus and Hearing Impairment. It was open to professionals, students and patients alike… Read more

Playing Music in a Children’s Hospice  – 20/09/2017
Things are changing. This summer, after 11 years in Guildford, I decided to move to a new city. Embarking upon a new journey towards destination unknown. As I begin to find my way in Bristol, I have been reflecting on the many experiences that have shaped me and lead me on to this path… Read more

Scoliosis and Psychology Part 1  – 15/01/2017
Spondylo Carpal Tarsal Synostosis Syndrome. “Easy for you to say” I can hear my dad interjecting with a wry smile. This was the diagnosis I was eventually given after several years of hospital visits and X-rays from about the age of 5… Read more

Music Meditation  – 13/02/2015
Many people ask me what goes on in my music meditation sessions. Is it just a bunch of people lying down in a dimly lit room with their eyes closed listening to me playing a variety of strange musical instruments… Read more

Is there Life after Tinnitus?  – 10/12/2013
It comes like a thief in the night as the realisation creeps up on you. The realisation that you may never again know silence. Could tinnitus and hearing loss be a musicians worst nightmare? The short answer is yes, but this post is going to attempt… Read more

10 Reasons to Meditate  – 12/10/2013
Recently a friend of mine asked me for some advice about meditation and this inspired me to make this list. There is a wealth of information out there on the web about this topic of course, so I will use this space just to share my personal… Read more

Demystifying the Vision Board  – 10/08/2013
Ok, so there are a lot of articles out there singing the praises of vision boards and championing the law of attraction complete with anecdotal evidence of their success. And in response to these, there are many scientific articles… Read more