Rains, Pt. 2
The new single ‘Rains, Pt. 2’ is an evolution of the track ‘Rains’ which first appeared on the ‘Within’ EP. Part 2 explores the darker and moodier side of the Sansula with it’s cascading melodies in a minor key.

The Sansula is a type of Kalimba made by Hokema. This simple instrument produces a surprisingly enchanting sound.

‘Rains, Pt. 2’ is available to stream or download here.

The new single from Inner Pieces is a mellow exploration of the RAV Vast. The RAV Vast is a steel tongue drum from Russia. The sound is reminiscent of a choir of tibetan bells and has some similarities with the handpan. ‘Space’ invites you to sit back, close your eyes and be transported far across the galaxy…

‘Space’ is available to stream or download here.

The third studio album from Inner Pieces is a melodic journey within. Taking the listener into the depths of the shadow and out the other side. The shadow refers to the disowned aspects of oneself that are repressed. Once a light has been shone on the shadow it begins to lose its power and can become a rich source of creativity.

‘Within’ is available to stream or download here.

Guided Meditations
This is the second album from Inner Pieces and contains guided meditations from Hayley Chalwin. The meditations and music are specially designed to help you relax, unwind and de-stress. This album works best if you can find a space to lie down, where you are unlikely to be disturbed. Headphones are recommended.

‘Guided meditations’ is available for download at Bandcamp.

Lucid Dreaming Conscious Sleeping
Inner Pieces teamed up with lucid dreaming teacher Charlie Morley to create a hypnogogic guided meditation track for his lucid dreaming CD. The track ‘The Tao of Dozing’ features Andrew Ford playing Native American style flutes and Charlie Morley’s spoken words which take the listener to the threshold of sleep and back again. The track leaves the listener relaxed and energised. Other tracks on the album include brainwave entrainment technology and hypnosis to help the listener to consciously enter the lucid dream state.

The album is available from Amazon and also includes music from Fybe:One and Agami Sounds.

The first album from Inner Pieces is an exploration of soothing sounds calling upon Native American Style Flutes, Tibetan Bells, the Human Voice and Hang. The music is ideal for yoga and meditation. For best results, listen with headphones or on a good sound system.

‘One’ is available for download at Bandcamp.