Inner Pieces is a project that aims to bring a little bit of peace and comfort to an otherwise frantic world. The project was born out of a desire to help people through music. Helping the listener (and composer) to find peace, but also to help others in need. This is why 50% of profits generated through our physical album sales will go to good causes such as the Shooting Star Chase children’s hospice.

Version 2
Andrew Ford is a multi instrumentalists who makes music for meditation, relaxation and yoga. He plays musical instruments from all over the world including Hang, RAV drum and Native American Flute.

Andrew began his musical career playing guitar and keyboards in various bands. Playing shows up and down the country and supporting a number of high profile acts within the reggae scene. However, prolonged exposure to loud music meant that his hearing suffered and a new path needed to be forged.

After much contemplation, reflection and looking within, Inner Pieces was formed out of a desire to help people through music. He now specialises in music for meditation, yoga and relaxation, running sessions in yoga studios and also performing in hospitals and hospices.